Complex Exponential Smoothing

Authors: Ivan Svetunkov, Nikolaos Kourentzes, Keith Ord. Journal: Naval Research Logistics Abstract: Exponential smoothing has been one of the most popular forecasting methods used to support various decisions in organisations, in activities such as inventory management, scheduling, revenue management and other areas. Although its relative simplicity and transparency have made it very attractive for research […]

A simple combination of univariate models

Fotios Petropoulos and I have participated last year in M4 competition. Our approach performed well, finishing as 6th in the competition. This paper in International Journal of Forecasting explains what we used in our approach and why. Here’s the abstract: This paper describes the approach that we implemented for producing the point forecasts and prediction […]

Complex Exponential Smoothing (Working paper)

Some time ago I have published the working paper on Complex Exponential Smoothing on ResearchGate website. This is the paper written by Nikolaos Kourentzes and I in 2015. It explains a new approach in time series modelling and in forecasting, based on a notion of “information potential”. The model, resulting from this idea, allows to […]

International Symposium on Forecasting 2015

I have given a presentation on ISF2015 in Riverside, USA. The topic of presentation was Complex Exponential Smoothing for Time Series Forecasting. This is based on a paper submitted to International Journal on Forecasting, which is currently under review. Here’s the presentation.

Presentation on Management Science seminar at Lancaster University

Today I have given a presentation on the topic of Complex Exponential Smoothing on Management Science seminar at Lancaster University. Lecturers and PhD students of the department attended the presentation and seemed to like it. However, only in the morning of the day I realised that I have prepared a wrong presentation (it should have […]